Gavin Catt Composer Conductor


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Gavin Catt Composer Conductor
Composing and Songwriting


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Gavin Catt Composer Conductor Songwriter Bassist
About Gavin

At a high school in Melbourne, Australia, I was taught to play the recorder by a music teacher that was uninspiring and had put me off learning to play a musical instrument (It is ironic that this music teacher has been a real estate agent for many years!!). 


Years later, I caught the music bug again through being involved in community radio so I decided to learn the drums and was enjoying music. In late 2005, I received a wrist injury which prevented me from drumming so I took up playing bass and started lessons in January 2006 at Cranbourne Music School in Melbourne, Australia.


I started songwriting in 2007 and I have played Electric Bass with the Cranbourne Lions Concert Band and the Casey Concert Band, as well as the Maroondah Symphony Orchestra (Double Bass Tutti) in Melbourne, Australia and I play both Double Bass and Electric Bass in various other ensembles regularly.


As a Conductor, I was Conductor of the RMIT Concert Band for five years and I am an active songwriter and I compose for orchestra, concert band and opera.


I am affiliated with Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) and I am a Full Writer Member of the Australian Performing Right Association. I have studied the conducting techniques of several top conductors and my conducting technique is clear, emotive, and free flowing yet simple, that is unique and easy to follow.

Gavin is represented by Jack Price of Price Attractions.

I have written my first Science Fiction novel "Sanctuary" which was released on the 28th October 2021 by Olympia Publishers.

More books in the "Sanctuary" series are coming soon.